“Mike x Key West”

(Key West x Wikipedia)

To think how I feel doesn’t matter, isn’t an issue I still suffer from. Before mom died, Maxie used to say, “I know you hate mom,” and if I feel that way, I should just leave. And I couldn’t — regardless of…

“…. And… yes, yes… very well… eh heh, sì, sì. Grazie. Ciao,” Rush Gaines hated the teeny bit of schmoozing that he felt came with dealing with the Italians. However, nobody makes a better cannoli, classic Italian sub or calzone, than Warnicka’s, just on the downside of the Hill, from…


“How do you tell someone that is out of your league, that you’re working to be in their league, and that they should be with you?”

“Oooh, you like her — I knew it.”

“Come on, Cap, I’m serious. You don’t even know who it is.”

“Oh, yes, I…

“Psychologie (une, huit, douze)”


Brick Steele whistled while standing next to the train, wiping sweat from his brow. The ‘crisp’ part of autumn weather hadn’t quite bitten down, yet; but this was perfect cigar weather he thought, smiling at passengers boarding. He’d be off in about five hours; and…

“Prose-chella Thoughts (Death To The System)”

Shay-Shay…rechercher pour le degré MFA — all in an effort to take filtered pics in a sundress, complete with D’Ussé and lemonade; cheating by looking at the big screen because she doesn’t know the words to Beyoncé. …

“Unctuous (Jez-E-Bees and Jeopardy)/Nobody Eats at Brunch”

📸: *(Ghost and The Chef x Bulletproof Wallets)*

“Welcome and good evening, sir…ma’am,” the accent was heavy and thick. Brick put his hand on the waiter’s shoulder, bringing him down so that he could speak into his ear. “ah, oui, monsieur. …

“I Want to Blow Trees and Shoot Dice/A Slacker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

(Photo by NBA)

“Say, bruh — how long you been in line?” the man stood with eyebrows furrowed, tapping a guy in front of him, who wasn’t paying attention. “Say, bruh…”

“My watch stopped working. And does…

“A Slacker’s Guide to the Galaxy/Rolling, Stoned”

I felt it coming before she did, honestly. That’s my fault — forging bonds where they aren’t ready to be; Silver Surfer in the constellations, I can find stardust that is radiant to me.

Shit, she got no posts. I hit follow anyway…


Lawrence Peoples is the author of Loosely Based Memories on Loose-Leaf, Vols. 1&2; and contributing author to The 434 Revolution. A native Virginian.

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